Friday, February 20, 2009

Love or Power

We have choices in life. We can approach life by means of power or by means of love. Power means being in control. You force circumstances to do your will for the benefit of yourself. That usually involves people. So, you have to force people to do your will to be in control.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can use love. You can offer yourself completely. When two people agree to do this with each other, it is the greatest love that can be experienced between humans.

The practical reality seems to make us defensive. Can we trust? Can we surrender ourselves to another or do we negotiate a compromise. When you open yourself to love you become most vulnerable. Surrender exposes us to the possibility of pain. People who like to be in control can hurt us. This is when love hurts.

Yet, when you loose yourself in total surrender, you become the happiest. Think of the peak experiences in your life. At your happiest, dont you loose your sense of self? Love takes over the senses and you want to do whatever the other person wants to do. Anyone who has been in love knows that.

Its a beautiful thing when you can spend time surrendered to another that you love and you trust that person to surrender their self to you.

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