Monday, February 23, 2009


We are like the grass of a field and our glory is like the flowers.

You can take that in two ways.

Grass can be trampled underfoot by whoever walks on it. The flowers are temporary - transient and passing.

Yet, the grass provides comfort to those who walk on it. The flowers provide beauty in this world. Our real meaning in life comes from the service and beauty we provide to others.

If we think of ourselves as being trampled underfoot, we are being selfish - only looking at the world through our own eyes. But, by the very sacrifice of being trampled underfoot, we provide comfort. Isn't that an interesting view of the dualistic vision of life.

So much of our existence is a reflection of how we view it.

Our current economic situation is like that. As a country, we have perceived of ourselves as being poor.

Out of fear, we have decided to put off buying new cars, so the auto makers are in real trouble. To save money, our society has decided not to eat out as much, so we don't spend money at restaurants.

It falls like dominoes.

Restaurants close. The restaurant suppliers have reduced business. Servers, cooks, salesmen, warehouse people, cleaning staff, accountants and owners all suffer. People get laid off.

All because of perception.

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