Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spiritual Energy

We all have different forms of energy that we can use. Some of those energies are used more than others.

Physical energy gets us out of bed in the morning and becomes a platform for much of what we do. For that reason, we often focus on the physical energy. We often forget what drives the physical energy.

Mental energy helps us make decisions about how we use our physical energy. But often, we go into automatic mode. These are habits. Unfortunately we loose communication in our relationships because even conversation becomes a habit. Conversation becomes stimulus/response instead of using the opportunity for creativity.

Emotional energy comes from a deep well of our past. How we have been loved affects how we love.

Often the least used energy is spiritual energy. Spritual energy can be a platform for positive change. At its best, spiritual energy is a fire of passion. Passion is best communicated through music, because there are few words that can describe the passion of spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy is the best driver of love.

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